On this video presentation, skilled trader and renowned publisher, Manesh Patel talks about the foreign exchange market for the week forward utilizing present market conditions to demonstrate some of the fundamentals of the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo support and resistance system. Using the same practices which are taught to his forex traders, he utilizes informative and current informative chart illustrations to show how Ichimoku helps pinpoint where to enter and exit a trade.

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (Pronounced: Ichiii…Mooooo…Kuuuu) is a technical based strategy that graphically illustrates resistance and support values in a simplified form and is thought of as an addition of the very popular candlestick charting system. The fact is, this technique was created based on the idea that at “one glance” you should be able to easily see whether an instrument is in equilibrium (consolidation) or out of equilibrium (trending).

Day Trading Forex with this style is a type of investing that will transform and alter the way you approach, evaluate as well as trade the forex and also other markets (including the stock market. This unique educational video will teach the five important indicators of this trend based technique. There is no need for other indicators with this methodology for the reason that this system is the total package. Here are the indicators:

Tenkan Sen (red), Kijun Sen (green), Chikou Span (light purple), Senkou A (dark blue), Senkou B (white)

Using all five of these indicators, a trader can witness what has occurred in the past, what is currently occurring, and what may occur in the future for the vehicle that will be traded.

Your teacher, Manesh Patel, is an instructor and trader with the Affinity Trading Group, an expert in the Ichimoku Trading Strategy and has developed what is already being talked about as a bestselling book on this strategy, “Trading With Ichimoku Clouds.” Mr Patel graduated with a Masters Degree in Engineering. However, his passion has always been in the markets. A passion, that became his new career in 1996 and he now is a full time trader trading for a living. He not only teaches the art of fx trading but also is active in the markets and trades all asset classes except for bonds.

Affinity Trading is a proprietary trading firm that specialized in professionally scalping forex as well as stocks. They educate and empower professional traders on the art of scalping stocks.