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Promotional money boxes are great for promoting one’s business. Money boxes are commonly referred to as piggy banks. They can give one’s business an image of success and stability. There are over a hundred types of money boxes and knowing which one best suit the business can is quite difficult.

The piggy shaped money box is among the most widely sold kind there is. This shape is great for businesses that cater to the image of thrift and savings. Most of these piggy shaped boxes are used in banks, credit firms, and other financial institution.

Aside from the piggy bank, another very common shape is the house shaped money boxes. These are great for housing related businesses since they symbolize the hope of owning a dream home in the near future. They also do great for home renovation businesses since they can also remind people of saving up some cash to improve one’s house.

The square shaped box is perfect for all types of business. These square shaped boxes are great for promoting different kinds of business. One can print a different ad in every side to remind its owners about the services that he or she may want to save up for. Most square shaped money boxes are used to promote businesses related to education, electronics, general retailing, and health.

A car shaped money box is great for businesses related to car retail and refurbishing businesses. These also do great for car financing companies because they can represent an owner’s dream car. Aside from car retailing, one can use this type of box to promote car repair, insurance, and detailing. There are even car shaped boxes that are made to represent a certain a type of car that a person is aspiring for. The most common types of car shaped money boxes are sedans, convertibles, minivans, and mobile homes.

Sports related money boxes are excellent in promoting any business that is concerned with selling and repairing sports equipment. These also do a great job in promoting gyms and training centers. Some are shaped into something that represents a certain sport that a person may be interested in. The most common shapes are the football, basketball, baseball, soccer ball, and tennis ball.

There are other types of money boxes that do a great job in promoting a type of business. Animal shaped banks or boxes are great for pet stores or any business related to owning an animal. These animal shaped boxes are also perfect for foundations that are related to saving endangered species. A money box shaped like an animal can represent a child or an adult’s aspiration to own a kind of pet. Aside from the animal shaped ones, stack a box type boxes are great for children.

There are different types promotional money boxes to meet any kind of business. They are not only affordable, but they are also very effective in promoting one’s business since they can remind people about what they want to achieve. To be really effective marketing, choosing a product that best suit a specific need or want is a big advantage and money boxes are excellent in this field.

Sell Yourself With Promotional Money Boxes

If you have ever been to a trade show you know that people are always on the lookout for a freebie. But how do you choose one that makes your company stand out? If you really want something interesting and unique you should try promotional money boxes.

Promotional money boxes not only make a great freebie they give an interesting look to a trade stand. They give people something unique to look at and that alone may give them a moment to look at your trade stall and that is your chance to tell them about your company.

The good thing about these items is that they are not easily disposed of. A brochure can be lost at the bottom of a bag. The bags themselves can be bunched together in a cupboard and become easily forgotten. This is why something interesting and novel can help mark you out as something quirky and interesting.

A money box is something practical and useful. People may give it to their children and this in turn gives people a positive view of your company, adding to the friendly face of your brand. With a prominent logo on the side it will be a souvenir of a trade show and people are more likely to remember you and your company.

It does not necessarily have to be a novelty for a trade show. For example you can offer it as a gift for people buying at a certain time. It is especially useful around Christmas time for those people who may have relatives come at an unexpected moment!

Most websites will usually offer a preview of the design before you order. Ideally you should have a high resolution image of your logo to send to them. This will ensure the best quality printing and make sure that it looks professional.

When ordering it is important to check the site you are ordering from. The unit price indicates how much each individual money box costs. However it is worth noting that the minimum is usually 100. This is before tax and delivery costs come into it, so it is vital to get a clear idea of what you are paying for and how much it will cost in total before committing to handing over your hard earned money.

It is also worth checking any delivery dates. They will usually say to allow around 10 to 15 days for delivery. Ideally you should set aside more time for this, especially if you are about to go to a trade show.

Like any promotional tool this should be used in conjunction with other marketing strategies. For example, you may want to include a free money box as an offer on your brochure to entice customers to order from you. Be sure to check carefully and compare full prices before ordering. It is usually recommended to compare at least three prices before making a purchase. With the right company you can use this unique promotion to really stand out from your competition!