My homeroom class had a jolly time in our field trip to the different factories in the city. But with all the traffic congestion, we were behind schedule for departure as we left the last factory.

The school bus that was driven by our lady driver was forced to stop as we were nearing our town. Two men suddenly waved at us to halt in the middle of the street. Looking intoxicated, they wanted us to open the bus door.

I was preparing for the worst and made sure that the bus door was securely locked. I got my stun gun flashlight and told everyone to settle down as I sat near the driver. I ordered her to send a text message to the security staff at the school and tell them where we were.

The Small Stun Gun Alarm Flashlight that I owned is multi-purpose. It is a powerful stun gun, a flashlight, and a 130 dB alarm system.

This stun gun flashlight is a handy 8 inches long, of durable casing made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, and uses a 9 volt alkaline battery.

With the features of this device, I always felt secure. The flashlight never failed me when I would be in the dark, and the personal alarm was always there in case of emergencies. Most especially, the stun gun would surely render an attacker helpless with pain once being hit by the voltage.

As the men forced themselves through the locked door by barging through it, both succeeded in getting their hands through. I immediately touched both their hands with the stun gun flashlight and activated it. They were still screaming and writhing in obvious pain when we left them on the side street.

The Stun gun flashlight saved our day. This Small Stun Gun Alarm Flashlight also saved my job.

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