When it comes to cricket, what matters most is the cricket bats. They come in so many different varieties. A player can choose a bat according to his special requirements. Most of the popular brands are very expensive when compared to the normal types. The size and weight also differ to a great extent. A batsman should be able to choose the best one to play good cricket.

Several types of woods are used for making these instruments. One of the most popular one is the English Willow. The variety called Salix alba is normally used. The wood from Sarawak cane from Indonesia is used for the handle. All the products thus made are graded differently as 1, 2, 3 and 4. They can be easily differentiated by the blemishes and stains. The type of wood used is very important to determine the quality of the instrument.

Some of the products have butterfly stains on them. They are special marks created due to the type of wood. They resemble butterflies. Some of the players hesitate to use the instruments with the stains because they do not look good. Generally, such types are very good for playing well.

The weight and the length should be proportional. The person should be able to handle it properly and comfortably. There are five types of devices. The categories are Full size, Academy, Harrow, Size 6 and Size 5. All the instruments are nearly four to five feet long with a few inches more.

The moisture present in the wood is responsible for the weight of the product. Other important things include the shape and the distribution of weight. The moisture content is different for each type of wood. Another vital aspect is the feet to weight ratio.

The area where the maximum amount of hitting is generated is known as the sweet spot. This depends on the distribution of the weight. When the ball strikes this area the sound is different when compared to other areas. There are different types of sweet spots like the normal, high and low depending on where it is located on the cricket bats. Using this information a person should be able to buy the best type according to his convenience.

If you want to know more about Cricket Bats just speak to a salesperson in your local Cricket Shop, they will be able to help you choose the right one for your needs and budget.